Elementary School News

3rd November 2017
National Poem Competition
Poem Competition
14th October 2017
Grade 3 Being Active Learners
Being Healthy
26th September 2017
PYP Introduction Session
All you need to know about PYP
30th August 2017
QAK celebrating Eid Al Adha
Al Adha 2017-2018
24th August 2017
First Week of School 2017-2018
Back to School
16th May 2017
Al Nafela
An Ongoing Tradition
1st May 2017
Elementary Science Fair 2017
Innovation and Creativity
27th April 2017
National Subjects Day
Stage Performances and Product Exhibition
20th April 2017
Grade 1 Disney Musical
Disney Musical
20th March 2017
World Math Day 2017
World Math Day 2017