Weekly Assignments

Homework is meant to reinforce skills and knowledge already acquired in class. As with all schools, and specifically with homework, the interaction among the teacher-student-parent is essential for successful completion of tasks. Yet, the final responsibility for completing the homework rests with the students. Therefore, quality in homework assignments as well as respecting deadlines are integral.

Homework assignments include:

  • Practice exercises to follow classroom instruction

  • Preview assignments to prepare for subsequent lessons

  • Extension assignment to transfer new skills or concepts to new situation
  • Creative activities to integrate many skills toward the production of a product

Students should need little or no help in completing their homework assignments. Teachers of the same class are requested to coordinate assigning homework in order to check for a reasonable and even distribution of homework over the days of the week.

A rough estimate of the total time each night a student with an average ability should spend completing homework assignments is listed below:

  • Grades 1 and 2:               30        to         40        minutes
  • Grades 3 and 4:               40        to         60        minutes
  • Grades 5:                        60        to         80        minutes
  • Grades 6, 7 and  8:          80        to         100      minutes
  • Grades 9 and 10:             100      to         120      minutes

KG 2 homework assignments will be allocated as/when required to a maximum of 15 minutes.


Teachers must make certain that students record assignments in their homework copybooks, and check that they have completed the assignments.

Correction and feedback concerning the students' work should be provided in a timely manner because students learn best from understanding their errors and corrections.