Language and Literature


Modern Standard Arabic is the Language (A) of instruction in the Middle Years Program. The instruction builds on the skills that students have mastered during the previous years to meet both Grade 10 Qatar Supreme Education Council Standards and Middle Years Program language and literature option by year 5. The aim of language and literature level as stated by IBO Middle Years Language and Literature Guide (IBO, September 2014/ January 2015) is to:

  • Use language as a vehicle for thought, creativity, reflection, learning, self-expression, analysis and social interaction
  • Develop the skills involved in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and presenting in a variety of contexts
  • Develop critical, creative and personal approaches to studying and analyzing literary and non-literary texts
  • Engage with text from different historical periods and a variety of cultures
  • Explore and analyze aspects of personal, host and other cultures through literary and non-literary texts
  • Explore language through a variety of media and modes
  • Develop a lifelong interest in reading
  • Apply linguistic and literary concepts and skills in a variety of authentic contexts

Drawing from Qatar Supreme Education Council resources and other resources students are exposed to a wide variety of genres that are literary and non-literary, text-based, auditory, and visual to the aim of empowering learners.