QAK Science Standards and Objectives

Qatar Academy Al Khor has selected “California State Science Content Standards” to serve as guidelines for teaching science at the Elementary School. FOSS program is used as a tool to teach the science skills through hands-on activities for students in all classes K-5. The FOSS program is supported by additional outside science reading materials, audio/visual resources and research projects for enrichment and in order to enhance students’ learning at the Middle School in particular.

The National Science Education Standards reflects its view of science as a balance between the “body of knowledge” and the “method” of scientific inquiry.

The standards include grade-level specific content and provide the foundational skills and knowledge for students to learn core concepts, principles, and theories of science. The Investigation and Experimentation standards allow students to make a concrete association between science and the study of nature as well as provide them with many opportunities to take measurements and use their basic mathematical skills.

The California Science Content Standards and the FOSS program are correlated. The FOSS activities are designed to teach students the science concepts as stated in the California standards.

The activities provided by FOSS are matched to the way students think at different times in their lives. The research that guides the FOSS developers indicates that humans proceed systematically through predictable, describable years, and that students learn science best from direct experiences in which they describe, sort, and organize observations about objects and organisms. Upper elementary students construct more advanced concepts by classifying, testing, experimenting, and determining cause and effect relationships among objects, organisms, and systems.

California State Science Content Standards guide
Full Option Science Systems guide