High-Quality Learning

Learning at QAK is an innovative and inquiry-based process that is conceptual, engaging, collaborative, and impactful.

Professional Learning at QAK

At the core of our mission and vision is to develop lifelong learning. An area that can only be achieved for our students, if we, the adults in their life, continue to learn and model enthusiasm and passion for education! At QAK, our staff can take part in many professional development days and opportunities throughout the academic year. They attend a variety of workshops, locally and abroad, to be at the forefront of development in the education field, advance knowledge and skills, enhance teaching effectiveness, and promote professional growth.

Every year, we have a significant percentage of academic staff members accomplish professional development opportunities that help them grow as teachers and leaders in the school. PUE Forum, IB workshops, NESA Conference, are some examples of the professional learning opportunities, online or in-person, that our staff attend and engage with.

Not only are QAK staff fully engaged in completing workshops and programs to improve specific skills in teaching and learning, but we also encourage our staff members to pursue advanced academic degrees in education through partner universities.

In addition to these opportunities for professional learning outside the school, QAK teachers collaborate regularly to develop the curriculum, enhance their teaching skills, and build support services for students. They share best practices for teaching and learning in both online and in-person formats.

Accredited Partners