Kindergarten News

8th February 2015
Career Week Activities (January 25 -29, 2015)
QAK has enjoyed a week of Career studies and learning all about work and the different jobs people have in our community.
29th January 2015
Qatar Academy Welcomes the Firemen from AlKhor Fire Station - أكاديميّة قطر تستقبل رجال الإطفاء
Qatar Academy Welcomes the Firemen from AlKhor Fire Station
17th December 2014
KG Qatar National Day (16-12-2014)
Tuesday 16th December was a wonderful day for the 250 KG students of Qatar Academy Al-Khor, as we celebrated Qatar National Day together.
15th December 2014
يوم قصص زمان ٢٠١٤/١١/٢٥
يوم قصص زمان
15th December 2014
Granparents Family Day (27-11-2-14)
QAK was the setting for a warm and welcoming program designed to honor the grandparents of the Al Khor community.
23rd November 2014
KG Healthy Food Day (20/11/2014) يوم الغذاء الصحّيّ
احتفل طلّاب الروضة الأولى يوم الخميس الواقع فيه ٢٠١٤/١١/٢٠ بيوم "الغذاء الصحّيّ" ضمن برنامج الأنشطة المدرسيّة
9th November 2014
KG1 International Food Day
The KG1 students had an 'International Food Day' On Thursday 6th November 2014.
13th October 2014
KG New Students' Orientation
On Thursday 4th September, all the new KG1 and KG2 students were invited to come to school with their parents to meet their new teachers and see their new...
12th October 2014
KG Open House
On Monday 29th September, QAK opened its doors to all the parents of KG1 and KG2. After the teacher introductions, the philosophy and mission for the KG...
27th September 2014
Peace Day in Kindergarten
On Sunday 21st September, Peace Day was celebrated at QAK. The KG students looked magnificent in their white outfits, with their Peace dove crowns, and...